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Link2Webdesign works on the principal that web site design should be geared to the satisfaction of the site visitor. Your visitors should find your site easy to access, uncluttered, easy to navigate, and filled with easy to understand content and images. In short your site should be professional. That way your visitor enjoys a good experience when visiting your site and you increase the chances of making that visitor a client. The goal of your site is to tell visitors:

Who you are.

What you do.

Why you are the best to do it for them.

Our aim is to provide you with a web site that does exactly that. We can provide you with a quality web site that communicates your message to your visitors.

Link2Webdesign also believes that our designs should be cost effective. That means that we should be able to provide you with a quality design geared to your budget. Like all design companies we hanker after the big budget contracts. However we also believe in helping those with restricted budgets. So we are able to cater for both. We provide:

Quality Low Cost Design:

Site Template Pages: - From £50.00 each.
A template page is a page that contains all the graphic/text/image content that actually appear on every page of your site. A bit like your company headed paper. It may not contain the actual letter you want to type, but each page already has your company logo and contact details.

Web site Pages: - From £25.00 each
The site pages are the normal site pages that you want visitors to see - "Home Page - About Us - Products - Contact etc". Because we can copy and paste the template page and re-name it as "Home Page" etc., that means that we only have to enter the unique information for that page. This makes it easier for us and more economical for you.

Design Copyright:
When a design contract is undertaken we will discuss and agree copyright with our clients. When a completed site is loaded onto the full servers it will show the copyright as agreed with our clients. Please feel free to ask for clarification on any of these points.

Design Time: -
To be able to supply economical web site design it is important that we work to a fairly rigid time scale. The longer a design takes to complete the more it costs, and if we are trying to provide our clients with effective low-cost design, we could end up making our design work financially unviable.

To avoid this negative result, we will discuss and agree all practical design issues with our clients at the very beginning of the process so that all concerned are aware of all important issues such as design time targets. We will also then provide you with details of what we need you to supply us with to enable us to keep to the agreed contract details. When we have this package compiled we will then plan your design into our work diary and advise you of the estimated commencement and completion dates. After this work plan has been issued, any amendments requested will be regarded as separate contracts and quoted individually at our normal bespoke rates.

Bespoke Web site Design:

If your design needs are more demanding, or you wish to have a greater input into the design process in terms of alterations etc along the way, this means that the time to create and complete the design will be outside the two week window allocated to the low-cost design work. Link2Webdesign will be happy to quote for such work on a contract by contract basis. Please ask for further information.

Link2Webdesign is here to get your message across to your clients, both present and future. Let us help you today to promote:


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