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Web site maintenance is all about keeping your web site up to date and renewing content regularly so that your visitors don't get bored reading the same stuff time and time again. If you use your site properly it will work hard for you. It's a great advertising tool. If you don't use it your site becomes a huge waste of money.

Think of your web site as a quality specialist monthly magazine. How often would you buy your favourite mag if the only thing that changed month by month was - THE DATE????????

We suspect that you would cancel your subscription very quickly. After all, what's the point of buying the magazine if the content is the same month after month. There's no point at all. That's why good quality monthly magazines change their content every month. Why? To give their readers a solid reason to by the next issue of the mag. You, also, must give your visitors a reason to come back to your site. If you don't - YOU will be the loser.

Link2Webdesign can help you by maintaining your web site for you. That saves you the hassle and leaves you free to do the work that your best at - selling your product/service.
Cost: From £5-00 per month depending of the estimated monthly work load.

So, you need to -

Maintain your web site regularly each month.

Personally advertise your site.
Just because you now have a web site doesn't mean that you don't need to advertise. Your web site should be used side by side with an appropriate advertising campaign. You need to tell people where you are and how to get there. Can you imagine everyone in the country writing letters containing important information, sealing them in envelopes and then posting them without putting a delivery address on the envelope? Quite simply they would never arrive. There would be huge pile of undelivered, and undeliverable mail sitting in a huge compound somewhere in the country (OK.....lets keep the postal jokes to a minimum please. Our postman is a good bloke).

Anyway, in the same way that we tell our family, friends and acquaintances about out postal address, we need to tell those same folks about our web site address and our e-mail address.

It's as simple as that. However, most of us have a limited number of folks whom we know well enough to pass those details onto, so we need to go one step further. We need to find new ways/avenues to get our site address known. If you are a business or organization, you need to make sure that your web site, and e-mail address are shown clearly on all your stationery (Business cards, letter heads, with compliment slips, invoices, packing notes, packing materials etc). Do you ever advertise in the local papers, radio, TV? Get your web address seen by as many people as possible, making sure that they know what they will see there. When you go to private or corporate functions, always find a way to mention your site and what it does (Without overkill that leads to boredom - you don't want to kill the party). Always carry a supply of business cards with you to give away. That's called personal advertising, and it's that initial advertising that will bring about most results, at least initially.

Advertise your site.

Submit your site to the search engines and directories.
Search engines and directories are specialist businesses who list web sites to help people to locate the kinds of businesses they need. So you need to get your site registered on the most prominent engines to have the best chance to be seen.

The most popular search engine by far is Google with more than 46% of the search market, followed by Yahoo with 23%. We recommend that you submit to both these companies. The others have a much smaller share of the search market. Google allows you to submit your site free of charge. It's good to submit to other sensible search engines that allow free submission as some of them also supply results to the Googles and Yahoos of the world too.

For instant visibility we recommend out clients to consider a Google AD Words campaign. This is a Pay Per Click system. We would say that it is 100% effective as they promise to send visitors to your site, and you only pay for visitors who actually open up your web site to check it out.

What happens after that is not up to Google. That's all dependent on -

How good your site looks.

The quality of content.


What happens if the visitor contacts you.

With a Google Ad Word campaign you can -

Start it at any time.

Stop it at any time.

Alter it at any time.

Check your results at any time.

You control what you pay and can nominate a maximum daily expenditure. Most of our clients start at £0.04 per click and a maximum of £1 per day. That means that they have a maximum monthly bill of £31.

If this doesn't get your chosen keyword on the first page of the sponsored adverts you simply up your fee for that keyword from £0.04 to £0.05 and check it. As you increase the amount you are prepared to pay per click, you should see your keyword gradually rise up the pages until you get seen on the first page. You then decide whether first page is good enough or whether you need to be top of the page.

However you look at it, you are in complete control, and it works.

We would suggest to our clients that you need to make this a two pronged attack. You use Ad Words to gain instant visibility, however, at the same time you begin the ongoing work of making sure that your free search engine presence is improved over a period of time so that in the end you are seen on the front page by both the free submission and your Ad Word campaign.

Link2Webdesign can help you by setting up your Ad Word campaign for you. We then hand it to you for ongoing adjustment.

Search Engine Submission:
We will automatically submit your web site to Google free submissions. If you want us to submit to any other search engines we would agree with you the specific search engine for submission.

Multiple Search engine submission:
Our submission fee for multiple search engines would be £25 for up to 5 search engines, plus any fees that may be charged by those engines, at cost.

Google Ad Word Campaigns: £25-00 per campaign plus any set up fee charged Google or other Pay Per Click search engine. This is a one off fee. When an Ad Word campaign has been set up we pass this to our clients for ongoing maintenance.

If a client asks for any assistance with an existing campaign, this would be charges at £15 per request.

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