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What is a domain name?
A domain name is the specific web site address, that visitors will use to log onto your site. Our domain name is: -

Each web site has a unique address. It's just like the postman delivering mail to your home. If we all had the same address, or no address, our mail system would be in a real mess. Instead, because we all have unique addresses, we have a first class mail system that ensures that people can send you a letter, and it gets delivered to you (How dare you question our postal system). OK, I accept that this illustration can have the occasional leak, but you can see where I'm going.

There is a seemingly never ending list of domain endings out there to choose from. From the sublime to the ridiculous. However we believe that most of them are now being created simply to have more to sell. For businesses and organisations the most recognised endings are:

".com" is the internationally recognized business domain.
".co.uk" is the generic UK business domain.
".org" is the internationally recognised domain for charities and non-profit organisations.
".org.uk" is the generic UK domain for charities and non-profit organisations.

So for UK based businesses we would suggest that you purchase both the ".com and .co.uk" domains for your business if you want to have worldwide appeal. This will give you some measure of security over your business domain name. If you don't have them, they are freely available for anyone else to buy.

For organizations and charities we advise you to obtain both ".org and .org.uk" Let Link2Webdesign help you cut through the red tape and help you obtain the right domain for you.

Costs: -
.com & .org - £20 per annum

.co.uk and .org.uk - £20 per 2-year period

Please contact us with details about your business and we will check out all available domains to get the most relevant for your needs.

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